" Digital memorial "
#soulout #boycottqatar

The „soulout“ project was created as a digital memorial to the victims of construction in Qatar, a possible financial fraud and an anti-egalitarian element that raises various questions. Based on the various information, I can not define exactly what actually happened and what didn’t. Therefore, the main element of the project is the logo created by the name soul-out, where the ball without a soul symbolizes the soul that has been lost. The second important sign is a question mark. It is always important to ask questions and seek the truth.

The size of the tokens is 2022x2022px, the size is purposefully symbolic so that it will forever be recorded in which year the token project was created and when the World Cup in football took place. Throughout the work, there are texts that have multiple meanings and need to be searched for. Sometimes what we see can be completely different.

#0000 / 6500

The project contains approximately 100 different deformations, 100 different ball designs, x-scenic combinations and even more color variants, if we wanted to use all object variations with color variations the result would be in billions of copies. It is the author‘s manual creation combined with a randomization script.