What actually happened in Qatar? An important question to which we can find an answer? According to various articles, more than 6,500 people have died on the constructions of football stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in the course of 10 years, many people have not been paid or much less than they were promised. The question is, are these articles relevant? Did it really happen? How many people died? How many people were deceived? If all this happened then why? Couldn’t it be done smarter? If we continue to ask questions, there will be more questions, but how to find answers…

The fact that people die on building constructions happens all over the world, but could it really have been prevented? What was built in Qatar is fine from an architectural and visual point of view, but… But at what price?

Even if we would like to criticize and curse, but where is the truth of what happened there? The only option is to symbolically honor the memory of the victims and try not to forget this sacrifice and think ahead so that it will not happened again.

We will stay with our question mark for a moment. We noticed in various photos large air conditioning units in the stadiums, but the stadiums have open roofs. So we ask to what extent is it ecological? Maybe it has an ecological dimension, but we don’t see it because we don’t have information. The presence of air conditioning makes sense, who would want to watch football when it is 50 degrees outside. But if the roof of the stadium is open, isn’t it questionable how it works? Is it solar? Is it just waste of resources? And again just questions and questions…

We will stay in the ecological dimension for a while. In a global perspective, each country has different bioclimatic climates and we should adapt to them. Not by force against the nature adapt to what we want just because we have a lot of useless finances. Is prestige really that important? For example, football is probably better to be played, for example, in countries of southern and central Europe, where the climatic conditions make it easier. We would look for air conditioners in stadiums in vain.

A question for the future, what if Qatar decides to host the Winter Olympics? It will be okay?

Technologically, they would probably master it, but at what cost? Will they cutting up Antarctica to have natural snow? Is it possible for this scenario to happen? Or if, for example, Alaska said that they would host surfing contest, but the sea is too cold, so let’s invent big heaters to heat the water? What are we capable of doing for prestige and money?

We should live as humanity as much as possible in harmony with nature. Therefore, the project is created with a question mark logo, and we ask questions and seek answers. There is no point to look back an criticize, but to think ahead and not to make the same mistakes. The goal of the project is to digitally record what happened and make people ask questions and search for answers.