There are many things in this world that piss us off and put pressure on us. We create art works that document human irrationality. We hope that one day we will participate in the change.

 #nature #life #animals #rationality

Team C.A.G. strictly stands behind the concept of their art works, the exact expressive value and meaning. Any work from creation, which is created by a randomization script. does not carry anything that is not contained in the concept of the work.

Team C.A.G. in no way does address the art work or comment on any group of people or nation, religion, race, country - culture, ethnicity, minority.

If anyone, a group of people, the media, other artists, extremists, etc., remakes the resulting art work, in a visual or conceptual way, the C.A.G. team bears no responsibility for manipulation that contradicts the concept of the given project.

If someone understand the given work in a different way invents his own concept, thought, adds negative concepts on the basis of which the given work can by aggressive and offensive, it's the subjective attitude of an individual or group. Team C.A.G. is not responsible for the actions of other people who in any way defame or in other way remake the author's work.